Piccolo’s Dinner Menu


Ciabatta toasts
Selection of three toppings from
Piccolo tomatoes, buffalo mozarella, proscuitto ham, olive tapenade, anchovies

Piccolo homemade chicken liver
Ciabatta toast with port and cranberry marmelade


Asparagus Spears
Wrapped in prosciutto ham, grilled, parmesan shavings

King Prawn Crostini
Olive oil and herb crostini base
Pan fried with butter garlic with chorizo


Scallops Black Pudding
Pan fried with black pudding and crispy prusciutto ham

Classic Pasta Fettuccine

Mushrooms, prosciutto ham, cream, egg yolk, parmesan flakes
Or try the dryer version, ask for details


Aglio Olio
King prawns, lime, chili, ginger, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, spinach, parmesan

Chicken Arrabiata
Fresh lemon, chili, olive oil, garlic, capers, tomatoes, concasse, parmesan flackes

Pasta Vegetalie (V)
Choice of veg with tomatoe or cream based sauce, ask for detail


Meat Spinach Cannelonni
Finest scottish minced meat, topped with cream, tomatoe concasse, parmesan

Cannelonni (V)
Creamed spinach, rolled in a crepe topped with cream, tomato
Parmesan, oven baked.

Fish and Seafood

Seabass King Prawn al Limone
Wine, fresh lemon, butter, garlic, capers, herbs, touch of cream, asparagus, crushed potatoes

Crepe Parmegiana
Scallops, king prawns, mussels
Wine, butter, garlic, cream, spinach, topped with parmesan

Fresh Chicken Fillets

Dolce Vita
With apricot, white wine, garlic, ginger, cream, flamed with brandy
With miniature potatoes and fresh spinach


A La Crema
White wine, garlic, chesnut mushrooms, cream with hint of balsamic
With miniature potatoes and cream


Pepe Verdi
ith green peppercorns, wine garlic, tomato concasse, touch of cream
With miniature potatoes and broccoli

Scottish Finest Meat

Fillet Steak Pepe Verde
Wine, garlic, cream, Brandy, roasted potatoes, vegetables
Fillet Steak Pizzaiola
Red wine sauce, tomato, olives, capers, roasted potatoes, vegetables

Steak Crostini
Fresh spinach, basil ,rocket garnish,
Garlic and herbs ciabatta base, pan fried strips of fillet steak
With spyside black pudding, chesnut mushroom in cream sauce with mustard


Side Orders

Bread £2 / Garlic Bread £3 / Bread and Olives £5 / Rocket Salad £4


Tiramisu Trifle
Piccolo Home made
Layers of sponge soaked in coffee liqueur
Lightly whipped brandy cream

Piccolo homemade
Buttery biscuit base topped with light creamy filling
Choose from
Passion Fruit
Banoffe Style

Luxury ice cream
With a shot of espresso
Or add a shot of liqueur of your choice
£6 / £8

Raspberry Sorbet
Fresh on the palate

Cheese Board Selection
Oatcakes savoury biscuits with a shot of Port