Piccolo’s Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

Two course £28 three course £36

First Dishes

Tuscan ravioli soup, spinach and ricotta ravioli, (with ground pine nuts) a tomato based soup, fresh spinach, touch double cream, vegetarian grated parmigiana

Fungi al forno, chestnut mushrooms, with, fresh spinach and ricotta, topped with pomodoro sauce, touch double cream, vegetarian grated parmigiana.

Mozzarella prosciutto parcels, buffalo mozzarella, dusted in grated Parmesan, wrapped in prosciutto ham, basil leaf, then grilled, served on a bed of mixed leaves, piccolo tomatoes. with a garlic and herb dressing.

Mezzaluna fresh pasta, filling of spinach and ricotta (with ground pine nuts) white wine sauce, garlic, herbs, mussel flesh, piccolo tomatoes, fresh basil.

Asparagus Milanese, asparagus tips, on toasted ciabatta, poached egg, grated parmigiana, garlic herb oil. piccolo tomatoes. ((can replace asparagus with fresh spinach)

Piccolo smoked salmon risotto, finest smoked salmon, wine, touch double cream, capers, fresh lemon, garlic and herb dressing, ( our risotto is made with risoni, a rice style pasta).

Prawn gamberi busara, traditional Venetian recipe, king prawns, wine, garlic, herbs, olive oil, piccolo tomatoes, on a bed of fresh spinach, with ciabatta £3 supplement.

Second dishes

Champagne fettuccine, with king prawns, finest smoked salmon, wine, fresh lemon, butter, garlic, herbs, touch double cream, with fresh spinach.

Seabass limone, with king prawns, or mussels flesh, wine, fresh lemon, butter, garlic, herbs, touch of double cream, with suateed potatoes, fresh spinach or asparagus tips.

Chicken carbonara, (Rome region) with chicken tenderloins, prosciutto ham, chestnut mushrooms, butter, garlic, touch double cream, egg yolk, on a bed of fettuccine.

Chicken desiderio, ( desire) pink sauce, with green peppercorns, wine, butter, garlic, passata, touch of double cream, with sautéed potatoes, fresh spinach or asparagus tips.

Italian beef salad, ( piccanti ) strips of fillet steak, wine, butter, garlic, chilli, touch of double cream, sautéed potatoes, on a bed of mixed leaf salad. £5 supplement

Fillet of beef Pepe Verdi, cracked salt and pepper, wine, butter, garlic, double cream, sautéed potatoes, choose from (fresh spinach or asparagus tips) sauce made from juices of steak. £8 supplement.

Vegetarian al forno, potatoes, chestnut mushroom, asparagus tips, fresh spinach, piccolo tomatoes, garlic, passata, touch double cream, topped with vegetarian grated parmigiana.

Puttanesca pasta, (Campania region) garlic, herbs, chestnut mushrooms, green Olives, capers, piccolo tomatoes, pomodoro sauce, <(veg option) for the traditional dish, we add anchovies

Side Orders

Bread £2,50 / Garlic Bread £3,50 / Bread and Olives £5 / Mixed Salad £4

Look out for our Special board for more dishes


individually made
layers of sponge soaked in coffee liqueur
lightly whipped brandy cream

individually made to order, buttery oatie biscuit base, light cheesecake topping, ask for our selection

Italian pancake, selection of toppings, with luxury ice cream/cream, ask for details


luxury ice cream with shot of espresso coffee with an Italian tiffin

Raspberry Sorbet
Fresh on the palate, may contain traces of nuts and dairy

Nero Tartuffo
luxury Italian dessert, rich chocolate (contain ground nuts, ask for details)